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A testimonial from Dr. Correale's office Manager? Why not! I have worked in the Optical field for over 15 years under several Optometrists. I met Dr. Correale on the job 12 years ago and came on board as her office manager in 2008 when she opened her own practice. I have seen hundred's of patients leave our office delighted with their exams and prescriptions, many expressing "that's the best eye exam I ever had!" Why is that? From what I have observed, it is because of the time and attention she gives each individual.

They can sense that she really cares about them and wants each one to have the best eye health and vision possible. It is not odd to hear lots of talking and laughing coming out from her exam room. It is Dr. Correale's upbeat personality that makes it so easy for her patients to interact with her.

She is also educating them in everything they need to know about what's going on with their vision and eye health. I have also watched Dr. Correale give freely hours of her time in community service. Once a week she continues to open appointment slots for those in need of eye exams and glasses who do not have insurance and cannot afford it.

Churches, Battered Woman Shelters, Social Workers and Schools that service low income communities, send her those who are truly needy. Once a year she would examine as many as 30+ children. Prescreened by school nurses, they were not able to see the chalk board or read their books with clear vision.

How rewarding it was for all of us who assisted her to see these children now have an opportunity to reach their ultimate student potential! Over the years, I have met and spoken with hundreds of loyal satisfied patients of which I am one. A great Doctor with a happy disposition and a caring & giving heart, in my opinion, is a real find when choosing any healthcare professional. Couple that with a professional staff that reflects her sunny disposition.
Office Manager

I've been wearing glasses for 50 years. That accounts for any visits to eye doctors! I was blessed to meet Dr. Correale about 10 years ago before moving to this area. It was apparent from the very beginning of my exam that she cared deeply about what she ras doing, and even as a brand new patient, I got the sense that she really cared about me .. She took time to explain everything and gave me an exceptional examination experience. Shortly thereafter, my husband also became her patient, followed by all three of my (then) young children. She was great with the kids, and helped them to relax and even enjoy the exams. Through glasses and contact lens and more glasses, we all agree. Dr. Correale is the best! The staff is friendly, accommodating, professional and they even laugh at my husbands corny jokes! Sight is a precious gift. We completely trust Dr. Correale with our family's eye care and overall optical health.
Wanda B.

Dr. Correale and the staff deserve all five stars. I can't possibly convey with words alone how happy I am to be a patient at this practice. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, respectful, and most importantly competent. Dr. Correale is at the top of her game and is knowledgeable and thorough. I have been a patient for many years and have referred several people I know to this practice (they are now patients of this practice for many years). I travel to the practice from Manhattan. Just yesterday, I was in the parking lot waiting for my ride and two of the staff members, on their way out, checked on me to make sure I was OK. That's the kind of attention and respect you get here. As a pharmacist who is passionate about my patients, I know quality care when I see it and this practice is healthcare at its finest.
Aaron K.

My ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Correale and I am very grateful he did. The staff was very professional and kind. Dr. Correale herself was super sweet, caring, and patient with me. I've found my go-to optometrist and if you're looking for superb patient care, I would highly recommend you check them out!
Justin P.

I knew from my first visit with Dr. Correale that this was someone I could trust. Her office is run very efficiently and her staff couldn't be nicer and helpful. I was able to get an appointment on the day I called. When I explained to the girl what I was experiencing she made sure I got to see the doctor immediately. After that visit, I decided I wanted Dr. Correale as my eye doctor from then on. I had my first check up last week. I am totally satisfied with how she conducted the examination and know I am in good hands with this doctor...Highly recommend!!
Jennifer D.

Dr. Correale is the most caring and thorough Optometrist I've ever met. I am a new patient and she went above and beyond to make sure my eye issues were healed. I was able to see her immediately each time I needed to and spoke to her on a Sunday including texting her at any time. Dr. Correale you are a rare find and I'm happy that I did my research and chose you. Thank you again for all your help and thank you also to your entire office staff. They were wonderful as well!
Grace D.

Dr. Correale is just GREAT!! She always makes me feel welcomed and comfortable during my visits. Any questions I have she answers and explains everything. It really gets no better then Dr. C.
Asia L.

We originally started visiting Dr. Correale when she was in the Lenscrafters location at RVF mall. After a couple of years, she left to form her own practice and we followed. Then WE moved...but that still didn't stop us. We continue to make the trek to her practice at least once a year for our routine check-ups because it's so worth it. I've been to quite a few optometrists due to my terrible eyesight and none were ever as good or cared as much about her patients as Dr. Correale does. With my eyesight, it's imperative for me to find a Dr. I like, am comfortable with, and who cares about my eyes as much as I do. Dr. Correale is great at what she does and is always incredibly thorough in her checkups and makes sure you understand everything and is always willing to answer your questions. She is also a super nice, friendly person who is easy to talk to. I feel like she would be really great with kids too. I can't recommend her enough!

I have been a patient of Dr. Correale for many years now... She is and has always been the most personable and professional at putting my eye care needs first. She is very innovative when it comes to eye health treatment. Not everything is a prescription, but is sometimes about life style. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Angie H.

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